Sheldon Zandboer, jazz pianist, composer and educator, has created a new training book for advanced jazz students and professional musicians of all disciplines that draws parallels between the teachings and training methods of eastern martial arts and the study of improvised music.

There are direct parallels in the philosophy of internalizing music improvisation fundamentals to those of the martial arts, where the martial artist trains to automate the fundamentals of their individual disciplines in order to allow the practitioner to act instinctively. One of the most recognized ‘improvisational’ artists was actually Bruce Lee.

The author has also had the experience of performing with Holly Cole, Sam Noto, Guido Basso, PJ Perry, Campbell Ryga, Kirk McDonald, Del Dako, Bobby Shew, Lee Konitz, Ian McDougall, Hugh Fraser, Ralph Bowen, Adi Braun, John Riley, Kevin Breit, Paul Wertico, Sean Jones, Rob McConnell, John Stowell, Collin Barrett, Brad Turner, Mark Kelso, Jeff Young, Michael Farquharson, Vern Dorge, George Koller, Madeleine Eastman, and Phil Nimmons.

Over the past 14 years the method has been utilized by students that have gone on to study at the “New School” of Manhattan, Rutgers University, Berklee College, McGill University, Toronto University, Capilano University/College and Humber College. Sheldon Zandboer has been a member of the Faculty of Jazz at Mt. Royal University since 1998.