Vocalist Johanna Sillanpaa & pianist Sheldon Zandboer have teamed together for a new musical project they call “Real2Reel” which fuses electronica such as down tempo chill, garage, drum and bass with TOP 40 and Soul/R&B repertoire. Working with new music technology, Johanna and Sheldon are able to make themselves sound like a 10 piece band and are able to customize their musical selection to fit your theme or musical needs. Real2Reel is a great option if you want to get more bang for your buck and want to impress your guests with something hip and new.

Johanna Sillanpaa (Vocals)
For every style of music that Johanna Sillanpaa explores, be it jazz, groove, R&B or soul, there’s a vibrant color in her voice to match.  Johanna performs slick soul, funk and jazz to dig your heels into and her velveteen voice and eclectic sound slides over the air carrying with it a sensual, deep groove. Beyond filling venues in Canada and abroad, Sillanpaa’s sound has also drawn its fair share of accolades and award nominations, including two Western Canadian Music Award nods in the Urban music category ( 2007 & 2012). Johanna was also she was nominated for “Best Female Vocalist” at the 2010 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards.

Real2Reel Songlist