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Unfortunately due to the amount of spam this website has been receiving the entire collection of testimonials from purchasers of the Tao of Jazz Improvisation were inadvertently deleted. Thank you spammers the world over.

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I just wanted to thank you for your book. I met you in your front hallway at your house in the winter sometime a couple of years ago, and have since recommended it to others. But I wanted to extend my gratitude, as I just made a CD and have to acknowledge that some of the inspiration came from the Tao. And for the first time in my life, even I can listen to the CD and enjoy it./ I turned 55 this year. I keep in mind words from Vladimir Horowitz, at 80, who said, “he was just now only now starting to catch a glimpse of what music is about”. So I have a few years to go in learning about pianos. So what I did was sit down, turn on the recorder, get rid of internal dialogue, start playing, and then after 27 minutes, save file. But your explanation is much more elegant, and transferable to others. Thanks again. Cheers.