Tao of Jazz Improvisation

The Tao of Jazz Improvisation trains your mind/ears/body like a martial artist to react and interact instantaneously to your performance environment. It enables you to automate and internalize the fundamental elements of improvisation thereby allowing you to focus on the creative and inspirational side of music rather than relying on your computational intellect. Please take the time to read the subsequent pages for a more in depth description of what is involved.
    • Works for all pitched instruments.
    • It’s addictive because it’s based on video-game psychology of levels, goal setting and projection.
    • Learn Jazz language from the masters.
    • Results are imminent and appear when least expected.
    • It improves your improvisational skills while simultaneously working on many other aspects of your playing.
    • Real-time ear training.
    • Increases your mental “clock speed” to process music information.
    • It’s always challenging. You select the intensity.
    • Practice with the iRealb Pro app for Mac OS/iPhone/iPad and Android.
    • It’s perfect for the professional player that wants to warm up with something that works on all performance elements before the gig.
    • It would take you 3 years to get through every exercise if you did one a day. IE: if you could complete one a day.

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