August 28, 2019
by Sheldon Zandboer
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Sheldon Zandboer is Calgary’s Top Professional Pianist.

Calgary’s finest jazz pianist, composer, arranger, instructor, music industry professional, and author – Sheldon Zandboer is one of Canada’s most versatile musicians. Specializing in jazz piano and widely recognized as one of Canada’s premier jazz talents, he has been working behind the scenes on many recordings, theatre projects, song writing projects, jazz concerts, sound design, and film soundtracks.

Sheldon has performed globally since 1975 which makes him out to be one of the most experienced keyboard player/pianists in Canada. Extensive training and raw talent has allowed him to excel at playing whatever idiom that needs to be performed way beyond the norm. IE: Jazz, Classical, R&B, Blues, Rock, Pop, Country, Electronic Dance, Salsa, Reggae, Soca and Gospel.

Sheldon has performed jazz before Queen Elizabeth, as well as the other members of the British Royal Family, international dignitaries, Heads of State and publicly on 4 continents. His songwriting has extended into the European pop market and has composed music for a film that is on permanent display at the Museum of Modern Art in Manhattan. His groundbreaking jazz training book The Tao of Jazz Improvisation adopts eastern philosophy and training techniques, which enables the young to advanced professional to reach a higher level of performance and creativity.

The City of Calgary has recognized and listed Sheldon as one of Calgary’s preeminent artists on their official tourism website.  Sheldon is THE jazz and contemporary piano instructor at the Mount Royal University Conservatory.

“There’s a lot of musicians out there that just play the piano. Sheldon is one of the rare performers that can consistently make unforgettable musical moments.” Why just hear music when you can experience it?